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So - the main reason I have come to this site is to learn better ways of keeping my beautiful fish. And I have a lot to, if you would not mind too much, I would really appreciate some help and information.

I would like your guidance to find where I can improve my fish keeping skills.

Water parameters: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20-40 nitrate on a weekly basis. I do approximately 50% water changes once a week (more if needed), with filter maintenance done as needed during the week. kH is approx. 80ppm, gH approx. 300 ppm, pH generally around 7.6. (Slight variance from tank to tank.) Water is a mixture of RO and well water.

The particular fish I will work with on questions here is housed in a clear water, 56 gallon tank with two other ranchu of same size (7 inches approx.). Filtration is cannister and biowheel combo. Bare bottom. UV (25 watt) is used every night and turned off in the day. Green water was used for a few months until a catastrophic water leak shut that project down. (Do not ask! shiok.gif blush.gif )

Food - ProGold (Goldfish Connection), Shrimp pellets, Spiruliana Flakes, homemade gel food containing various vegetables and proteins (most commonly spinach, peas, beans, dandelion greens, broccoli, tuna, blood worms, shrimp, halibut, krill, etc. - whatever is fresh from the garden or the market). The fish are fed 2 times a day - morning and evening.

Lighting is of great concern. Real sunlight is out of the realm of possibility - we will not see the sun much at all until at least April. Flourescent lights are the option of choice. I would like suggestions for wattage, spectrum, etc. recommended for maximum color enhancement. I have a hood with a two bulb frame.

Fish are growing well, are healthy and strong. My main concern is that they are lacking the luster I like to see, and some of the whites are becoming slightly muddied as this dark winter drags on. I am worried that by the time spring arrives the whites will be in very sorry shape. I would like some lighting, food or other suggestions that could help remedy this problem.

“Grooming” is often mentioned, but no specific guidance is given. Any information along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! smile.gif
oh my.. a tough one.. indoor with very little sun thinking.gif

as for food.. Hikari Excel? I've never tried it before though

try to keep nitrate below 20ppm

lets see what matrix will say tongue.gif
The Matrix
let's suck up some blue pills ...

Daryl, understand your difficulties. I quite hate the weather condition of Chicago.

Actually I got a big question for u ... kH is ok, gH is way out and pH only 7.6 ? I can't apprehend this part as I dun hv any data of the municipal water.

RO water should not have given u such high readings. Wat's your well water reading then ?

As for light, you might like to try wide spectrum day light of around 4500K for your tank. Of course, a nice decorative MH of 6500K to 10,000K would be good.

Someone please direct our friend here to the nice algae walled tank ... that's a cool setup and should be something u might like to try.

Color of fish is not really from food. It's the environment the fish lives in. You might like to experiment with some minor change to your water condition during the winter period. Temperature will be a factor to consider.

Anyway, try not to use too much color enhancer food. Moderately would be better. It bring up the red, but distort the white.
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