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Full Version: Refugium For Goldfish Tank
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I was thinking of a new way of setting up one of my tanks. As an
experiment. I like to keep my tanks planted, but as you know goldfish wreck
havoc on a planted tank, and since I don't use gravel, it is hard to make
the plants look pretty while they are in there.
I like plants because of the benefits for the nitrogen cycle.

So I plan to add a refugium, (like the marine tanks do with macro
algae) and place the plants in there where the goldfish can't get them.
It is about 1 gallon size and has a small pump to keep the water circulating.
I am going to try it in a 75 galllon tank. There are always diatoms growing
on the sides and it's making me crazy. So I thought maybe having a "veggie
filter" disguised as a refugium would help.

Any opinions or suggestions?

Is this too wacky of an idea? happydance.gif
It's a good idea.

My suggestion is to make sure the plumming works perfectly. You will flood your living room if the pump continues to pump water into the refugium but the overflow setup fails to channel back the water into the main tank. wink.gif

Check out bro frankloh's veggie filter.

Thank you. Thank you.

Nice set up. Mine will not be as elaborate. This will be an inside the tank refugium.

No flooding allowed! I already flood too much when I try to watch TV AND do water changes. biggrin.gif
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