Dear All

With a new strain of bird flu(H5N1) confirmed in various parts of the world, another virulent strain(R2D2) creeps insidiously within our fish circle and is expected to take its toll in a month time .With the season entering the winter solstice, we would expect the majority of the hobbyist to be hit hard by this highly mutated bug.A history of the condition as well as an epidemiological study would be presented in this scientific paper.

Case History

A typical case begins with patient A having join a club, reads off RG posts or any literature that triggered this condition.He begins with some cheap culls with a miserable setup.Armed with better knowledge and influence,his project soon expands to large scale enterprise with numerous tank setups as the metastasis(akin to systemic cancerous spread)spread uncontrollably.Soon our patient has several tanks to fill his limited space.His house is filled with goldfish related paraphernalia and consumed with thoughts of not owning a dream fish but winning with it as well.He starts to show insatiable desire and gripped by this passion goes on a hunting spree for that elusive fish . More often than not and ever so often he is met by disappointment with every known local shipment he attends.His wife claims he has been mumbling in his sleep with inconceivable Japanese words like Mita,Monden,Kashino,Kawai………………
With a more advanced stage and perhaps his final affliction of the disease, Mr A may resort to taking a trip to Japan or Thailand just to purchase his dream fish.


A typical test to ascertain whether you are afflicted with the disease is to do the following test
Show the sucker a prize winning ranchu and note the following vital signs
a)increased pulse rate and respiration
b)dilated pupils and uncontrollable salivation
c)a surge in blood pressure
d)extreme cases may go into compulsive,obsessive behaviour.

Stages of the disease

Stage 1: Begins with a passing interest in ranchu
Stage 2:Exposure to ranchu related literature,RG postings,coming in direct contact with a ranchu infected individual
Stage 3:Buiding your collection and start buying better fish
Stage 4 Improve your water management,spending more on food and nutritional supplement and starts to show obsessive preoccupation about ranchu and nothing else.
Stage 5:Join a club, form a kai and starts talking to other affected individuals
Stage 6:Entering a local kai Competition and ultimately a national one.
Stage 7:Spending a few thousand dollars to get your name engraved and standing on the winner’s podium

Epidemiological studies

According to CDC(Communicable Disease Centre),the disease spread through exposure to infectious literature and direct contact with individuals already stricken with the disease. Transmission is synergistically enhanced through friendliness and enthusiasm of individual as well as forum exchanges.Contacts with related literatures compound the spread and many new cases are said to be registered by the minutes.


Till date no known treatment is available.Individuals are advice to let the disease runs its course till you run out of interest.Many may not manifest its full blown presentation in the years to come while others may lie dormant before succumbing to its active phase again in the later years

Disease or not?

It is not recognized as a true and true disease as its classification fails to exude harm and well being to the individual.However it appears to yield on the contrary beneficial effects like the following
a)lower blood pressure and all cardiac risk(unless you are competing)
b)relieve stress and anxiety(unless you are competing)
c)reduce psychoneurotic behaviour and gastrointestinal discomfort as well(unless you are competing)
d)foster peace both locally and internationally
In short Ranchumania appears to have more positive rather than negative effect on the stricken individuals

With 2 ranchu competitions slated in our January calender ,ranchumania is expected to assume epidemic proportion in the days to come,so brace yourself bros and be prepared to experience this hitherto deep impact .

A footnote from the doctor

:Since ranchumania improves health ,well being and social contacts in many aspects my advice is to spread freely this disease to others

So from goldrush: