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Full Version: Tell Me If This Method Is Ok...
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Hello guys! After convincing myself that my time and schedule does not permit me to keep Goldfish - I couldn't resist accepting two cute ryukins that my brother got me. blush.gif

Since I have no set up prepared or anything and my 55gallon tank has no stand/table [it'll take me a long time to get one made], I decided to use my 15 gallon tank and a 10 gallon tub.

I'm planning to move the fish daily between the tank and tub. When they're in the tub I get the other container cleaned and age the water for a day and then repeat the process.

So far I've done this for three days and the fish are in great condition and very healthy/active - but I'd like to know if this is considered healthy and would it have any negative affect on them in the long run? Please let me know.

Thanks a lot guys and merry christmas!!
should be alright as long as u aerate the water thats aging.
i think this is one of the methods used for treatment, hehe..
imho, its better than filtration.
Dear Hamad merry Christmas

When you deal with small volumes of water,the margin of error with regards to maintaining your water parameters would be greatly reduced.For the operator it is a task easily managed but for the fish it has to adapt to enormous changes every water changes.In the long run the fish may succumb to such drastic changes

Survival does not equate to the need to STRIVE in order to THRIVE.
Hi, Ahmad,
Even if it's alright for you fish, not sure is okay for yourself as I learnt that you have a busy schedule hmm.gif

Not sure how long you going to continue with this, and ask yourself do you mind or like doing this daily chores.

Get a permanent tank and let your goldfish settle in is the best solution. good.gif
Thanks a lot for replying. A permanent tank is definitely going to happen eventually - and you're right Gohks, this is quite time consuming! It's just I'm planning to place the whole thing in my room and I rather find something decorative and nice looking, which so far I can't seem to find in the size of my tank and to have one custom made would cost an arm and leg!

But then again, even when I get the tank set, I rather get the aquarium cycled with partial water changes weekly rather than continue with 80%-100% changes every few days, and I'll have to get big comets [they're cheap and hardy] for the cycle cause I never had a cycle before without fancy fish getting sick or dying. So it's going to take a long time to get the big tank ready for them - which is why I wanted to know if this temporary method would have any side-effects in the future cause they may end up staying like this for two months or a bit more.

As for the parameters, is there enough time for that to have any changes within 24 hours? Cause I remember when I try to cycle, ammonia readings wouldn't show till a few days later. I also have the tank and tub almost next to each other so the temperature would be the same. I'd like to know if there's any other tips to keep in mind and thanks bros!!!
What you giving to your goldfish now with the water change frequency should a luxury and tip-top clean water your fishes will get. Things to watch-out are the feeding, have to be controlled and make sure no over-feed and with left over feeds. Also, is better to anti-cholorinated your water as I am not sure water aging will help nowadays. Also, ensure your fishes have sufficient O2 with sufficient areation. Check the PH of your water supply to ensure you don't get water with PH < 7, else you may need some buffering.
I have good aeration in each tank (sponge filter in tank and air-stone in tub), I never noticed the fish gasping for air at all.

I do feed 4-5 times daily in smaller quantities and I notice they shit a lot so I'll try to cut back on this a little.

I just got anti-chlorine and will add incase, also will get a ph test kit tonight or tomorrow - thanks a lot Gohks!! Really appreciate your tips!
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