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Full Version: Cold Spell Spells Cold Feet..........
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God has been kind to do a constant water change in my outdoor keeping for the past three days.However the food in my AF are soaked through and subjected to molding by the sheer constant pelting of the rain. Rust has started to form at the battery compartment and one of them went dead this morning.Wonder when this rain will cease as the overcast sky has shadowed the source of life and hampering our effort in preparing our fish for the coming competition.The drastic drop in temperature sends chills down every corner of their habitats and that could usher trouble if we are not careful.Goldfish do catch a cold and if a viral pathogen lurks within, these are the trying times for our fish as now they are most vulnerable.The biochemical imbalance brought about by the avalanche of water might throw all parameters into a roller coaster ride giving our fishy friends a nerve wrecking experience in adapting to this hay wired situation.If hot spell spells hot soup(which I had written not too long ago)wonder if cold spell spells cold feet ………………….

damn eggs r coming
QUOTE(goldrush @ Thu, 12 Jan 2006 4:13 pm)
God has been kind to do a constant water change in my outdoor keeping for the past three days.

Friend,water changes with pHs of 4 to 5.Beware!!! hmm.gif
All physical changes are beyond human control and it is this God’s gift that allow you to put to practice what you have learnt from this forum and others. Take it with a positive stride. This freak storm provide an exuberant opportunity in understanding, applying and regurgitate all that is to take to maintain water condition in this inconsistent physical environment.You are right that pH will plunge but what lesson you are about to learn can be immeasurable.
What are the steps to undertake to rectify the situation are lessons usually taken for granted and not usually encountered in your daily maintenance protocol.Such rare incidence are seldom met in the comfort of your indoor keeping.So treasure it!
Let us go back to your pH drop as an example
What we should do?
1)Reach out for your test kit (which have been lying idle in your shelf)to confirm it
2)Buffer…understand it and reach for that savior……….Baking Soda
3)Once stabilize confirm it with your test pen or test strip and continue to monitor and observe your fish behavior

There are myriads of others physical aspects like temperature change, reduced activity of your fishes and others which you may encounter during this period that prove valuable lesson for everyone to appreciate .

Like I always say there are many things to learn in goldfish keeping apart from goldfish keeping itself. yes.gif
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