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Full Version: Male Vs Female
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I currently owned 18 ryukins. 3 days ago, 8 of my ryukins have swim bladder syndrome sad.gif . some swim up side down, some tilt with face facing downward, some facing upward. some sideway and some just sink in the bottom up side down. I separate 8 sick ryukins in hospital tank.

After further observation hmm.gif , i found out that 8 of the sick ryukins are females!. While the other 10 are males. I've been feeding my goldfish with Hikari oranda (floating) for the past few months.

Water quality in hospital tank was very poor as goldfish kept spawning and no female goldfish seems interested to eat the eggs. I kept changing the water everyday for the past 3 days (100%). I tried to solve the swim bladder problem by hand stripping each of the female GFs. Bubble + eggs + poos coming out. Gfs will swim normally after that. But i have to do that each day as the swim bladder problem kept recurring each morning for the past 3 days.

My question is:

1. Is the floating pellets causing the swim bladder problem or female Gfs more prone to swim bladder due to constipation?

2. How long is the spawning period?

If female GFs are prone to swim bladder more than male; would that suggest hobbyist to prefer male goldfish more than female goldfish good.gif ?
I do have the similar observations with a couple of my female ranchus too. The floating problem comes every now and then. It does not appear conclusive to me to say that female goldfish are more proned to floating. Plus I have seen male goldfishes float too.

There are also many factors that constitute to floating problem: Water quality, gill problem (infection or insuffiecient oxygen), indigestion, internal infection, etc. But most of the time it is NOT SDB. For your case, it COULD also be your females withholding their eggs because the bad water perimeters is not ideal for spawning. This would explain why after shifting the fishes to a different tank, they spawn like there's no tomorrow.

Try maximizing aeration in the tank to see if it helps the situation. With so many fishes in a tank it is no wonder that your fishes are showing abnormal symptoms.

No, floating pellets will not cause floating problem. Your male fishes would be showing floating problem too, if floating pellet is the cause.

For spawning period, it depends. Upon seeing a female spawn, I will do handspawn. You cannot expect the female to finish their eggs with a few squeezes. Squeeze, let her expend one round of eggs until no more, then let her rest for 1-2 minutes before squeezing again. This kind of intermediate handspawning would clear an large female's stomach (a 6-inchu ranchu for example) in about an hour's time. This is a very stressful session for the female because she is constantly struggling out of your hands and releasing her eggs at the same time, so handle with care.

PS: I do prefer male fishes because of the spawning issue. But it is not my selection criteria.
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