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Full Version: Why Girls Are Evil?
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Hey cp below is a mathematics equation I hope you can proof me wrong!!!!!!


Ladies please forgive me if I sound too harsh as it is meant to be a joke........... beg2.gif

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I have only one comment.

You can replace "girls" with either "doctors" or "lawyers" and the equation still holds. hysterical.gif
or "goldfish" for that matter hysterical.gif
i have 1 comment on CP's comment: the equation does not hold for the replacement in the first line, ie it is not "time X money" as meant by "girls require time and money" smile.gif
Agree... Lawyers and Doctor HAVE lots of money and they plan their time as they deem fit... biggrin.gif
good.gif good.gif good.gif
hysterical.gif hysterical.gif hysterical.gif

your equation is correct. NUS are missing lecturers with your caliber.
Besides offending half the population of the world, you have also offended the "she-male", "bapo", "guniang", "aqua", "tranversite"....
watch-out as all may come after u rioter.gif
blush-big.gif blush-big.gif blush-big.gif

tomato.gif tomato.gif tomato.gif
"she-male", "bapo", "guniang", "aqua", "transvestite"

All these no need time.... just money (if they are in business) biggrin.gif... and lots and lots of imagination hysterical.gif
QUOTE(goldrush @ Thu, 16 Feb 2006 12:09 pm)
blush-big.gif  blush-big.gif  blush-big.gif 
tomato.gif  tomato.gif  tomato.gif

Also, advise to :censoree this from your "wife", "spouse", "girlfriend", "playmate", "sex-slave", "lady-boss", "lover", "partner", "bed-mate"..... cheer.gif
Garantee no more good hump.gif or even worst your guns.gif may be nipped off if you show this to them tongue.gif
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