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Full Version: Daphnia From Bare Tank
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I found my fishes in my main tank displaying some signs of gill infection. So without further ado, I hospitalised them in my QT tub. The tank was left fishless but the sponge filter still run. PL lights running on timer also operate as per normal because I wanna keep my wall algae.

Today, which is the fishes' 5th day in QT, I found some organism developed at the surface. On a closer examination they looked like Daphnia. It is different from those I bought from LFS. I assumed that these are Daphnia based on theire behaviour. Those I bought from LFS are pinkish and roundish. But these I found in my tank are longish and orangy in colour... unsure.gif

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How is it possible that Daphnia can developed from a tank which was started from bare? In between I've fed my fishes no Daphnia. Only live food which I feed them are the bloodworm cube... are they responsible for the developement of daphnia too??

How come my tank always come with live oraganism? There was once live bloodworm, then Planaria. Now having removed fishes frm my tank, it is infested with planaria and daphnia mad.gif
The Matrix
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ok, the setup of this tank was with fish, then u took the fish out and left it "fishless" ?
were the fishes qt for a long while, "fresh" from lfs or from external keeping area ?

go deeper into thoughts .... does looks like daphnia. Cultured types are fed with full load of sh*ts ... high nutrient water. our tank will not be able to do so.
It is not surprising in a tank full of nutrients with resultant algae bloom be invaded by micro-organisms whether planaria,daphnia or bloodworms,A single drop of contaminants from any source be it from an external pond,tank or any water vehicles or even hose,net use from tank to tank can start an explosive population if conditions are right for their habitat.
white horse T1
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As I do not have any mechanical filter in my tank (OHF or canister), my tank is always very "dirty", in a sense. Whenever the fish is having big (shitty) load, the sponge filters will not be fast enough to act on the poos. Hence i can constantly find particles floating in the tank water. I thought that this can be very stressful to my fishes.

I face outbreaks of planaria every now and then. My fishes are TOO pampered to feed on these planaria. I figure that the planaria outbreak and the floating particles caused my fish to display irritated gill symptoms (but that's my guess). And because of the abundance nutrient in the water, it encourages micro-organisims to build up and probably deplete DO in the water...

But what I wanna asked is... how does the Daphnia colony build up by itself? dntknw.gif: Surely they must have come from somewhere (but definitely not from out tap)?

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My dear Desireless

Your Daphnia didn’t born out of the blue.A likely source would be your frozen cube bloodworm which you had fed your fish with.You see frozen live food can contain eggs of a number of micro organisms that wilL hatch upon thawing and when the right environment prevails. Take a look at this article written on Daphnia pulex and in particular the section on REPRODUCTION and you are in for a surprise…………..

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Thxs for providing the backup MUSIC
The Matrix
this shows one important thing about living organisms colonisation .... when there is water, there is lives ... hahahaha. if u put a guppy in there and eat up all the daphnia, within a short period u will see something more unusual. dusty suspended moving tiny organisms swirling around under strong light.
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