Let’s face it.No matter how many tanks.tubs or even ponds you have there is always the uncanny feeling of owning just another one.If your answer is an adamant NO,you are one BIG LIAR!

At the point of writing or rather networking,I’m working on 1 koi pond(20 tons)one 6 feet FG ,3 tubs and six tanks.How about the rest of you? I’m into 20plus years into this hobby and I find it too short to give it up don’t you? But meanwhile a couples of things are soaring like your water consumption and electric bills.Now our rooms are getting smaller as the tanks and filters take centre stage.Not forgetting pumps,pipes,hose,hooks and even aquaria related books are literally piling by the days and numbers.Now the invasion does not stop here.The toilet is filled with sponge(not for bath)tubing(not for showering)and scrubber(not for your tiles).My fridge is not even spared! The freezer is shared by bloodworms,spinach,dapnias and Gammarus with all humanly edibles side by side but separately packed of course.An occasional visitor may wonder when we will serve the next meal by intention or accident a dish of worms or two.
Ok I promise my wife I’m gonna stop at the above numbers for today but maybe not by tomorrow…..