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Full Version: All Black Ranchu Faded To All Copper
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Below attached is the left and right profile view of a ranchu I adopted from allan.

Allan paid over $30 for it at AC a few months ago.

He liked it then but decided to free it after something happen. (WHAT?!!)

I decided it's cute enough to be adopted by me.

I carried on keeping it in the same environment; a community clear water tank with bio filtration with good water parameters but pH is around 7.5.

So... what happened that made Allan decided to throw away his $30?


IPB Image

IPB Image

... it was an all black thai ranchu.


I bet in another month, all the black spots will disappear as well.
It had a nice headgrowth and bulging cheeks. Are you sure this is the same fish? How could it lose colour and headgrowth too? Puzzling.
I have two "black' ranchus too... One remains black... but the other faded and becoming orange... hmm.gif
seems like it will become gold instead of orange.
So this is the real GOLD fish... good_very.gif
Juz joking. It has very nice gold, hope it become golden color then very swee.
Erm... I have given it away.

It's impossible for me to keep a tank just for black ranchu. Keeping it in a community tank with a pH of around 7.5 ... simply doesn't work, as you can see. smile.gif

What I don't understand is why it has lost its headgrowth and cheeks. There's a posting on this issue which I shall look up later. sad.gif
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