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Full Version: A Minimum Of Courtesy
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Dear RG members,

Every day, I receive several emails and PM from RG members. It is great that RG members send me messages. Many times, these messages are very short and rude ! I want to let all these people know that I do not answer this kind of emails and PM.

I think that it is very rude to ask for information, to ask to buy Ranchu, to ask for help etc. and not even have the decency to introduce yourself.

Many emails and PM are no longer than :

"Do you sell Ranchu ?" - "I need your help." - "Let me know how I can breed my Ranchu." "What is the price of your Ranchu ?"

I am sure many of you will know what I mean. I hope these people now understand why I did not answer their messages.


Geert Coppens
For the benefit of those new to the forum, Geert has made a similiar request a year ago.

May I also add that he is a Ranchu Hobbyist and NOT a commercial breeder, and,as far as I know, he does NOT sell his ranchus.
QUOTE(yamato38gunkei @ Tue, 21 Mar 2006 11:12 am)
Many times, these messages are very short and rude...

Dear Geert

I wrote you 2 email, got no answer, now reading this.

Well, my english is not the best, this I told you in the emails, and so I use short forms in my emails. I am an old guy, only Hobbyist, with no commercial interests (you can red it at my homepage under impressum), and I learned only a little bit of english more then 40 years ago.

If you mean, short email are not polite enough, then I regret it very much.
It is first time that my email as impolite were understood, this makes me very concerned.
I hope that not also my other contributions are understood here as impolite.

Hi all, I believe and trust Geert isn't being antagonistic but means well, Guenther means well, and all mean well ... maybe I shouldn't be "poking" my head into this smile.gif ... the reason for my post (if I may be so brave) is to request Geert to consider/reconsider selling his bbr (seeing that they're so great) if this is ok, not like making it into a business (but even if so, i personally don't see anything wrong) but just to compensate him for the monies spent like for food, water, electricity, appliances etc ... we can gather to see the no interested ... i understand if Geert's decision is not to, but no harm asking? smile.gif
Dear RG members,

My message is not meant to offend anyone, to point anyone in particular with the finger or to start a riot. I just receive too many of this kind of PM and emails. I just wanted to let certain people know why they do not receive any answer from me. Believe me, I am not that difficult.

People have to understand that creating a Ranchu bloodline takes a lot of time, effort and money. It always disappoints me when people think it is just as easy to buy my Ranchu as buying a book in a bookshop. They are my children for God's sake !

The same with sharing information... I want to help EVERYONE. All the information that I share is out of my own experience. It takes years of trial and error to have this knowledge. I want to help everyone to take the shortcut, but try to be a LITTLE polite !

That's all folks,

Geert Coppens
Thanks Geert, i really appreciate your utmost generosity in everything, sharing unselfishly with so many people and you've all my/our respect smile.gif

blush.gif (on a lighter note, hopefully i've not dug any hole for myself for talking so much earlier ) shipwrecked.gif: fish2.gif

dear RG Members,
I just like to add my opinion here.

If Mr. Coppens, Mr. Deguchi and Mr. Aod Koban were willingly to sacrifice their time, effort and money to become our judges during our last show, what does this commitment meant to you? I hope you can study this thought much deeper.

Desmond Lee
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