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Full Version: Ranchus/fancy Goldfish
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Hi! I'd like to start off by introducing myself. I'm Alan, i live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm a fish person and i've always yielded fish but i like my arowannas and oscars. I have a 55 gallon, a 75 gallon and a 350 gallon fish tank. In the 55g i keep a 10" Australian(leichardti) arowana with a severum, in my 75 gallon i have 2 18-20" silvers and a another severum that are waiting on the repairs on my 350 so i can move them in there. After much consideration and seeing my overseas friend's Ranchus i've decided to get some SVR for my 55 after i move all my fish when the 350g is done. Because i'm in canada the relative readility(even a word?) of these fish are scarce, i've been thinkin about importing these cute little buggers from asia but before i do is there anything i should look out for? ie) price, life span, size etc.

Also from trolling(>.<) around in your forums i've come across "green water" alot, can anyone enlighten me on what this is used for? and how i can acquire some other than growing it myself?

Thanks alot and hope i can be a part of this forum community hi.gif smile.gif
Hi Alan hi.gif

This is Green Water:

As for your other questions, do a search around here.
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