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GA Secretary
Hi all, today I’ve just bought a goldfish somewhere at Ang Mo Kio, but I’m not sure whether it’s a ranchu/ lionhead/ lionchu, hopefully you guys will know after looking he’s pictures.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Do give comments on him! By the way, is it too expensive at the price of $90 to get this fish?
hello, i'm not an expert, but this is what i feel:

1. at first look, this piece looks cute and adorable. =)

2. from the 1st and 2nd pics, seems like a part of the tail is bitten off?

3. the colour looks faded and not vibrant enough.

4. the body and head size doesn't seem very proportional, the head seems to be much smaller than the body. I feel it would look nicer if the head is a little bigger.

5. the wen on the head, and cheeks not enough, would look much nicer if got more wen.

Overall, I think this fish is seriously very over-priced at $90.
no offence ok.
GA Secretary
No.. his tail is not bitten, maybe it looks small. This guy has got a rather great amount of wen too, maybe the picture quality not that good? By the way, is it a lionhead?

IPB Image
its a lionchu
Type: Lionchu
Head growth: Good good.gif
Curve: Good. good.gif
Colour: can be improved further sad.gif
Tail : U shaped turn spolit the show. hmm.gif
Price: experts normally priced lionchu one grade lower than a ranchu.

overall: not a bad catch compared to some that have been displayed here. my heart usually melt when see one with big headgrowth, i bet the same applies to u when u bought this one.
This is a SVR smile.gif
Nice wen, but the colour seems faded and losing shines, and tail tip a bit too high. How big is this (before I can say whether is over-priced)?
Not a show quality but is good enough for normal hobbyist appreciation. Try and see whether coloration can be improved by feeding good food, getting enough suns and using green water, if possible. ;)
A lionchu.

This is a decent piece. As for the "worthiness", it will depends more on the size when you got it. How big is it?If it is more than 12cm, then for this quality I would have bought it too biggrin.gif

The tail looks a bit weak...
GA Secretary
wah! Thanks for all your comments! I must really say, the photos that are up here are taken by my nokia handphone, and i must say that the quality don't look too good. Cause it's actually of a darker tone colour, maybe I'll try to take better ones again... Well I must say is not easy to take the pictures though.. Cause it's always swimming in all different directions! LOL
Talking about the size, it around 14cm-15cm(not too sure but is > 12cm). The seller told me this lionchu will grow into a good want (well I'm not sure about this, but at least taking the first look and looking at his growth wens I assume it might be! LOL)
Anyway, I'll try to take my lionchu pictures again & this time round I'm gonna make sure that what I see is what you guys would see in the photo itself.
Please.. any food can made my lionchu look more 'handsome'? Now i'm feeding him with Hikari LionHead and he loves it very much. LOL
GA Secretary
biggrin.gif Haha.. Just taken his pictures again... But still not of good quality.. Tried my best, will try to get a new digital camera lol rolleyes.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
hi, I find the tail spoil the show.
I feel that the tail looks little off.

wen needs to be groomed. might want to feed it lots of good quality food + green water.

overally, a cute fish!

How big is it? length?
$90/- for this size and quality to me is reasonable. Though you may find better quality with this price. biggrin.gif
Colour still don't look vibrant and shining sad.gif Seems fading from its original red. Some of the white portion turning pinkish (hope is due to your lighting or dig cam effect). Are you feeding strong colour enhancement food? unsure.gif
Tail angle is not perfect. Scales overlap also look messy. sad.gif
GA Secretary
May I ask what kind of good quality food should I buy? I doubt that all Hikari Brand are of good quality wants right? Btw what do you meant by grooming his wen?
Maybe I should go buy a new lamp.. LOL ya my lionchu don't look pinkish LOL
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