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Full Version: Rescued Oranda
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i just bought an oranda (4inch) at a pet store that i felt like needed rescued. the larger oranda in the tank had part of its hood missing and other fish were picking at the damaged tissue. i told the personnel at the store and of course they moved all of the other fish out of the tank but this little fish was so cute and healthy looking i brought it home. the problem being i didn't have a tank ready so i quickly set up a 24gallon aquapod. i removed a filter sponge from my cichlid tank so i would have some bacteria started. i hope i don't kill this fish i was trying to save with an uncycled tank! any suggestions how i can keep from harming this fish with ammonia and nitrites and still cycle the tank? i plan on purchasing a 46 gallon bowfront soon for this oranda and another, maybe a blue oranda
Charles Lam
You are a kind soul.
You need to quarantine this fish until it is safe to be introduced into a cycled tank. At this moment, having a cycled tank for quarantine purpose is not important. On how to quarantine an apparently healthy fish, please refer to here:

Your tank can be considered cycled if you introduced a cycled filter to a new tank. But be forewarned of the danger of doing so. Some fish diseases which your cichlids are immuned to might not be immuned to goldfishes so you might be introducing some diseases to your goldfish.
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