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Full Version: Ga 116 - Ranchu
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GA Secretary
IPB Image

IPB Image

had it got 3mths, bought it for $10
its ard 6cm now (head to start of tail)

pls give some comments thanks.
is it be stunt by the way?
3 months should be more than 6 cm, I think it's stunt (judging by the size of the eye).
It is a decent looking fish. I would prefer the peduncle to be steeper.

Agree with the previous Frankie, 6cm is indeed too small in compared to the age. By the time you got it, it should already be about 2 months. Plus the 3 months which you've had it, it should be around 5 months of age. Are you sure it is still 6 cm? The palm width doesn't look like 6cm
GA Secretary
hi all, thanks for the comments.
so its stunt as i have anticipated.
but i will still care for it. tongue.gif
it is 6cm, i measure it against the glass.
so normally how big should a "new from the lfs" fish be?
Good point, previous frankie. The fish looks more like 8-10 cm instead of 6cm and may well be much older than u think. Still stunted though, I suspect the way he was kept in the LFS contributed much to it.

All in all, a neat looking fish with neat scales. Also prefer the peduncle to be steeper and the tail raised higher.
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