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Full Version: Black Ranchu With Pom Poms
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Bought this Black Ranchu frm display tank, since the ones in the other tank were awefull (floating). This fish is only abt 9cm but what i liked abt it was its bodyshape and growth, here in Australia we get skinny small fishes by comparison this blackie is quite built. & my 1st BR hi.gif

But problem is this ranchu has pom poms on its head im confused as to why is this so, is it a normal thing of certain BR's (black ranchus)to have pom poms? another thing in the shop this fish was labeled a lionhead...if im not wrong then they were doping hysterical.gif

So plz folks/Gurus can you inlighten me about this fish with pom poms & does it mean pom pom reduces the quality/grade of fish. I was able to attach 1 pic as i was limited to attach 100k. More pics of Marcia in my gallery.

thanks you all
Kinder yes.gif

IPB Image
I am not a GURU but can pretend abit tongue.gif
Where in Australia are you? I am in Melbourne and I agree our goldfish standard very low rusure.gif BUT i have seen some nice goldfish around, you just have to be REALLY patient hunting - and I mean 6 - 12 months!

Talking about your goldfish - are you sure this is a Ranchu? Looks more like a lionhead. Ranchu definition (SVR/TVR) are VERY defined rules. The tail on this one does not look like a ranchu. And also the tail peduncle is too long (distant from the body). Also as you mentioned, this has a narial boquet (pom pom). If you post more pictures of the side view I think we can confirm what it is exactly for you.

Anyone else want to comment?
Agree with kencheng. Peduncle looks too long for a ranchu and the backbone looks too flat. A sideview pic will help greatly.

Btw pom pom is common in ranchus
side view...needed. pom poms? appears on ryukins too.
Here is a SV pic , its hard to take pics of Black Ranchus!

Though i wasn't aware of the fact that distance should be less btw body n tail. I was more inclined towards the fact that ranchus have more of a curved back incomparison to loinhead and lionhead tail tent to be less parallel with the body(more like runnin away frm body) n ranchus more close like running parallel with body......

anyway here is the side view have a go you all....


IPB Image
ooh one more thing, regardless of the it possible for lionhead or ranchus to have pom pom? its just that i havn't seen any pics here with pom pom on LH n Rs.

ooh Happy ANZAC Day happydance1.gif happydance.gif happydance1.gif
Oh yep that's a pet-store cull black ranchu alright. Looks skinny though. Feed him more biggrin.gif

It's very possible for ANY kind of goldfish to have pom-pom. My black ranchu got pom-poms too.

Happy ANZAC Day too peace.gif
Yeah now looks more like a ranchu, just not show grade. I agree that all kinds of fish can have pom poms however I am not sure whether they are allowed in competitions - the standards don't normally include pompoms right? blush.gif
not sure anyways - need a higher level person to comment on that.

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