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Full Version: Culltivate Good English
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For those who are unfamiliar with CULLS, I have consolidate some terms which are of interest to a CULL collector like myself and of course white horse T1

First we start with some English Glossary

CULLet:the young of a cull or is it a slice CULL deemed good enough for deep frying or broiling.

CULLtivate:To develop or improve by education or training the appreciation of a cull

:The acquired ability of an individual to recognize and appreciate a cull

CULLprit:A person who is guilty of owning a cull

CULLinary:the art of keeping a Cull

CULLilingus:oral stimulation of a cull

Now for some CULL miscellaneous

Famous cull song:Final CULL Down
Famous horror CULL icon;CULL Dracula
Famous Literature CULL verse:To CULL or not to CULL ,that is the question
Famous dancer:Sylvia mCULLy
Famous singer CULLIE minogue
Famous recipes CULLY fish head,CULLY ayam
Famous war cry CULL wabanga(TMNT)
Famous malay phrase seCULLy(what if it is)
Famous hair-do of 60’s CULLY POK
Minority race here BanCULLee

Famous saying

Don’t CULL your fries before they are hatched
You can argue till the CULL go home ,you still got no answer
CULL your blessings and not your crosses

Collective nouns:a herd of CULLs

Guess there are many more but my personal favorite ………………………..

What’s the opposites: CULL DUNG:


nananana.gif nananana.gif nananana.gif

And here I would like to share my latest CULL

IPB Image

IPB Image
You missed out my favourite:

CULL PEH CULL BOO biggrin.gif
And when you see a cull which is labelled as Top Grade, you exclaim "Wah CULLz! doh.gif "
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