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Full Version: Brown Pond Water
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My pond water started turning brown about 2 days ago.
The pond water is about a week old after I changed the entire pond water due to a tadpole infestation. The pH is currently 7.5. Nitrate: 0 ppm, Ammonia: 0.25ppm. There are also algae forming on the walls of the pond. The pond is about 80cm by 80cm and 30cm deep.

Is this a sign of green water forming or is the water just dirty?

The pond water looks like the pic in desireless' Green Water Journal at Day 1
Hi rvn85, for outdoor pond, as you have ample sun, you should not see brown. One week's time is enough to kick the green in for an outdoor pond. Do check your fish for any sickness.

If there's nothing wrong with your fishes, then change water and scrub away the wall algae and restart your outdoor green water again.
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