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biggrin.gif all RG members. Finally I have decided to built a 15x10x2.5 pond and want to use green water method. My first try on this method.
The problem is...
1. How should i design it filteration system
2. how to cultivate green water
3. how to mantain green water...frequency of water change..amount of water change
4 what other aspect that i didn't mentioned and it is important

Desireless..if i not mistaken..u have an outdoor pond.
Could you share with me your pond system. How do you mantain it

Or any RG member familliar in this field could help me!

beg2.gif beg2.gif beg2.gif beg2.gif beg2.gif
firstly.. there is no filtration.. green water is nature's filter..

cultivate? throw the fishes in and feed biggrin.gif

maintain? hmm.. subjective to water parameters, amount of fish, amount of feeding, weather.. blah blah blah...

others.. birds, cats, animals that love fish.. and disease control..

have fun exploring ;)
Hi Louis,

First of all, to start green water in outdoor ponds or indoor tank, no filtration system is needed.

So the setup is very simple:
- bare tank/pond
- aeration
- AutoFeeder if you cannot manually feed yor fishes.

To start an outdoor pond from scratch is the easiest. With healthy sunlight (no rainy days in between) for 5-7 days, you should start seeing green shade. Sometimes it takes even shorter time. For first brew you'll probably see lots of wall algae, but no worry green water algae will multiply faster than wall algae. When changing 1st brew, keep 5-10% of seed but remember to scrub away the wall algae. For the subsequent rounds with seeding, the green will kick off very fast.

Generally guildline for water change is every 7-10 days. But it is entirely up to your observations to the intensity of green. Read here. And the link given here. In the months of the rainy season, the growth of green water algae will certainly take longer than usual. Water change is also simple. Release water till last 5-10% for seeding for next round.

Things to note:
- Put only healthy fishes in green water.
- Never over-crowd your pond
- Must have aeration. Never compromise. green water is has reverse effect at night.
- Feeding stops before noon. Let the fish digest and defecate, and let the green water work on the fish excretion for the afternoon. Why? read the point before.
- You may need to scrub your pond every month of the wall algae building up. Yes wall algae is good but keep in mind on what you really want and concentrate. The wall alage will compete nutrients with your green water algae.
good.gif A very big TQ guys.
If it is so simple.. I will start with a smaller one .. maybe 10x5x2.5
Will update u ppl the progress. laugh.gif
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