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Full Version: Expensive Tank Made With Float Glass
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I went to a well know LFS neighborhood looking for a new 3 feet tank. I came across a shop that sells tanks made of Float Glass. The shopkeeper claims Float Glass is clearer, and stronger. He went on and on about how great Float Glass is and that only one manufacturer in Singapore is producing tank made of Float Glass. He also said with Float Glass, the internal wall will not collect those slimy film commonly found in our tanks, contributing to the tank's clarity. I was quite tempted to buy even though I could not tell the difference in clarity because he did not have a standard glass tank for me to compare.

Anyway, a typical 3 feet glass tank costs about $50. The Float Glass tank is a full $100! At double the price of a typical glass tank, I told the shopkeeper I need to read up on what's Float Glass. Well, here's what I found:-

Essentially Float Glass is made by a newer technology that involves pouring molten glass onto a mould filled with water and mercury. The mercury, being lighter than water, floats the molten glass to cool it down into perfectly flat surfaces on both sides. Prior to this new technology, molten glass is pour onto a plate and rolled into flat planks. The resulting glass is not smooth and clarity poor.

The thing is, this new technology has been around for the last twenty years, and all glass made today are Float Glass!!!!!!!!

I was almost misled into paying twice as much for a tank today.


Thank you Internet.
What about those "Japan Glass" I often read sellers proudly proclaiming at the other forum? Any good?

looking from an architectural point of view. glass is glass, float glass, pexiglass, laminated glass, tempered glass, doubled glazed glass, fire rated glass, all is glass, only difference is whether it is polished normally or diamond polished, fired at a higher temp or a lower, cooled at a lower or higher temp. and of course what the usage is for - final decision . fyi - float glass is the weakest of all grades of glass.

slime and calcium built up happens in any vessel holding any body of water. there is nothing that can prevent this build up. retardents that are added in our water concrete tanks for our consumption are replenished often, and very often the dosage is HIGH. this is so that bacteria cannot, will not and never have a chance to live in that body of water. build up slows down with retardents added, but can never be totally gotten rid of.

clarity of water depends also if the water is polished by what components, sand, paper, uv, ceramics, etc.......all this filters dirt, etc. water being passed thru a 1 micron filter is definitely finer and cleaner than water that is passed thru an ordinary sponge filter.

so what that lfs guy told you.............all 'rubbish'!!!, to get money into his pocket in this bad times. my humble opinion. shoot me if i'm wrong.
hmm.gif I didn't know that there so many glass types... all I know is that there is a glass aquarium... and only one type of glass for the aquarium.... except for the thickness maybe...

anyway, lucky u didn't spend $$ to buy the expensive 'special glass' aquarium...
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