Hello everyone, My name is Dale and I live in Mississippi. You know before I found this site and the info on green water, I kept 4 goldfish in an outdoor pond with green water, it's one of those Wal-mart deals plastic about 100 gals, I have it set into the ground. I've had it for about 3 years now.

I also have a 110 gal aquarium inside with crystal clear water, that I keep 4 goldfish in along with some white cloud minnows.

Well I've always notice that the goldfish outside had better color and grew bigger, so every summer I would put my inside fish outside for a few months and then move them back inside, as this would in my opinon help them.

Well after finding this site it has confirmed my thoughts on this. Hey I was doing good all along yes.gif Well hello again and I know I will pick up some valuable information here.

Thanks Dale