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Full Version: Snails And Their Usages
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cod piece
Hi all, new to this forum and have a simple question to start off with, I have a small tank with cory dories in and there has been a flood off snails from some of the plants that i introduced to the tank. My other tank has fancy goldfish in and would like to know what could be the problem if I were to place some snails into the goldfish tank. The reason is simply that my cory tank is spotless of algae and the glass is clean and all for the price of excepting that they breed like rabbits and you have to remove some to keep the balance! Any help on this matter would be appreciated!
What kinda algae u have in your goldie tank?if its brown algae then nuthin will eat em away.However if its green algae, then you should check on how long do you have your lights on or any exposure to sunlight. I would suggest you to only clean the glass. Green algae is good for goldfish. good source of nutritous food. Besides, if you overfed your fishes, snails will eat the leftovers and will leave algae untouched. For your tropical setup, should get like mystery snails or somthing like that as they do not reproduce.(they need to mate). Anyway just my two cents. Cheers
cod piece
Hi thanks for the response and to answer your question, its not green algae but dark almost black fur about 4mm high. I know this is due to the tank light but only have it on for about 5 hours a day.
I placed a plant into the tank with snails in and they cleaned up the plant of all its fur in a matter of days and all the plants in that tank are free of algae.
The problem I may have if I introduce the snails is 1, mass colonization and 2, disease for my fish.
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