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Full Version: The Willingness To Learn
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This is a split-off from the RL' grooming method.

yp212 said something which makes me think.


What is willingness to learn?

In my humble opinion, a willingness to learn to to get to the bottom of everything as much as possible in the best of one's ability. This means the following

1. NOT to take things at face value.
2. In the internet-age, to counter-check published articles with reliable cross-references, experienced peers and science.
3. To carefully consider everthing and try to pick everything apart, and to FULLY UNDERSTAND the rationale and background science.
4. Do it yourself and check for repeatability.

It is not enough for me for someone to tell me "this works for me" and that's it! Sure this sometimes make life more difficult but the learning is part of the fun. For this reason I'm still on this board where I thought there exist a good culture to dissect everthing under the sun (wrt to goldfish keeping) hi.gif

People, what are you thoughts?
Its GOOD and should be Pinned!
A 10 - 20 years in this hobby can still be a novice if he is not learning and improving.
A 1 yr hobbyist can be an expert if he is willing to learn and improve.

So take note, number of years in this hobby does not make you an expert, is the mentality that counts. smile.gif
The Matrix
Opposite of Willingness to Learn is Resistence to Change. To add further, before learning, we have Willingess to Give.

Both are in us. Both are working together side by side. We want to learn, at the same time finding it difficult to accept. That's where the process of learning to reduce the resistance.

What are you resisting ? We are one protector of our own knowledge, in any form. We will not let others test against it, ruin it, demolish it and certainly changing it. Our protectionism create a wall to tell other "this is mine and it works for me".

In the world of constant changing, such resistive mindset will not move much further. The world has called for a simple Continual process of learning and upgrading. One who will say "This is mine and how can I improve it."

So before one would like to embark a long journey of learning, be prepare to open up the mind and take in and understand the information. All these undergo a constant and elaborated questioning sessions to make us learn the mechanisms to achieve the result we wanted.

If you tell me - this is mine and it works for me. Go try it out.
It is like in the army where the officer throw u a gun without bullet. This is mine gun, I have killed many with this gun, now u go kill enemies.

As a recipent of knowledge, a provider should provide relevent and useful information. Else there is no knowledge to share at all.

A learner will go to the best knowledge provider with good and useable information. Not the one who are unwilling to give.
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