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Full Version: I Need Of Help....
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Hi Bros... one of my Ranchus hav red red colour on the cheek..... abit torn like that... wat medi should i use.... my water parameters are fine... the rest of my fishes in the same tank are doing well.... this problem has persisted for a few days... its not going away.... how... wat should i do.... help..... beg2.gif
Hi there can anybody help me..... beg2.gif beg2.gif beg2.gif
Dear toji

Sorry due to World cup fever we are unable to response to your queries.

It would help us alot if you can pose a picture of the fish.
As you are confident that your parameters are intact,I suggest you isolate the fish and giving it a mild disinfectant like Melafix to further assess its condition.

Perhaps a few questions from me may derive an answer:

Are there sharp objects in the tank that can lead to abrasion?
Is the fish in spawning mood?
Are there bigger fish or other types of goldfish/fish which can nip at the cheek and wens of your ranchu(big bullies)
Is it the smallest,timid.stunted among its inhabitants


goldrush ;)
The Matrix
A pic helps ... difficult to understand the symptom.
QUOTE(The Matrix @ Wed, 21 Jun 2006 1:40 pm)
A pic helps ... difficult to understand the symptom.

Thanks thanks Bros!! I am now using Melafix..... on that fish.... monitoring for a few days b4 i will change action.. will try to post pics when i can... thanks for the help.... hope Melafx will work...

That is the biggest fish in the tank 8.5 inches....... the rest are around 6inch..... total six in a 5ft tank..... sharp edges.... hmmm... i will try to take note...

Thanks again!! beg2.gif beg2.gif
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