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Full Version: Pls Help Treat My Fish.
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Hi ,
i have just bought 2 ranchu and currently in QT. Observe that 1 of them is very listless and no really swimming. it just bounces at the bottom while constantly opening and closing its mouth. I felt their stomachs and the listless 1 have a much softer stomach . Previously the poo are long white and slimy with occational air bubbles. it was still feeding 2 days ago but never eat at all today. the smaller 1 has been feeding and actively swimming . However they both always squeeze themselves in the small space beside the pump and splash water. Pls help treat my dear fish .

The greatest mistake you made was to feed during QT!!!!!

Please read the QT thread carefully and adhere to the recommendations

often new fish are stricken by parasites before they succumb to bacterial infection.
It is relatively easier to treat parasitc infestation than bacterial infection and becos of this you may end up fighting against two concurrent ailments which can be detrimental in consequences.
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