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Full Version: Need Help! Something In My Lionhead's Head.
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hi guys, i have oranda..

its abt 2 mths old ard 6cm in size..

i realise it has something black or dark particle inside its head area near to the eye part..

i am wondering should i catch it and use a cotton bud or something to get the "stuff" out.

i am wondering what is it after all..
i will try to capture a picture of it. but for anyone with experience of such incident, care to tell me what is it, and what should be done..

the fish is very healthy, it eats as normal, has nice poo. and been very active.
nth is wrong
i dun think its a head growth or something, its rather like a particle stuck inside the lionhead's head growth area.

thanks smile.gif peace.gif
I cannot make out what you were trying to describe.

I will move this topic back to the Ailment section once you have a CLEAR PICTURE of the problem.
Ray Ng
Is it something like this
IPB Image

and at the tail
IPB Image

I just finished my white spot treatment for this fish (about 4 days ago) and now all these little black stuff starts appearing. The fish still behaves very actively
Nothing to worry.Just read this thread
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