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Full Version: Lionhead Enhancer
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This Hikari Lionhead - Lionhead enhancer - isn't it just extra protein? Not as if no WEN fish will all of a sudden grow a WEN right? blush.gif
i dont think that will happen, its in the genes of that fish.

btw, i am using saki hikari fancy goldfish, if i mix with hikari lionhead would that be a waste?or should i just concentrate on using saki hikari fancy goldfish? cause i thought of mixing them...thanks..
Strange why you've asked. A ryukin is a ryukin. No matter what wen enhancer you feed will not make it an oranda.

What the claim means is that it can enhance the headgrowth of headgrowth-typed goldfish like oranda or ranchu.
aiyah! I know sounds abit weird. I always thought it was just extra protein (lionhead enhancer is the marketing spin) rofl2.gif
But after exposed to all their marketing somehow started to doubt myself blush-big.gif
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