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Full Version: In The Coy (company) of My Koi
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Dear all

Perhaps a healthy break ensues after the World Cup and our green water discussion.

This is one of my innovative ”shark cage”that house this recent acquired black oranda within to enjoy and thrive in the center of imminent danger…a koi pond
The intention is to verify whether if you confine a 5 1/2 inch fish within a swimming space of just 2X1 foot,perforated toolbox container and lowered into a 20 ton pond with 20+ voracious feeders has any effect on its development.I will religiously report on its progress in 3 and 6 months period.The fish will enjoy the same water parameters as the koi in an established filtrated tank with 0 ammonia,0 nitrite and fluctuating nitrates of between 40-80ppm.Practically no water changes except top up of loss through evaporation and weekly backflush of mechanical compartment.The fish is only fed three times a day as there is no auto feeder to dispense any feed.

Any further question before I lower him into this potential pit of fire. A dwelling certainly not for any faint heart……….

Here are some pictures and two short videos of the above setup

And these are some pictures when he was lowered into the the midst of CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Sorry because of software glitches I cannot but have to merge the pics as a single post hmm.gif
Interesting experiment, keep us posted of the outcome.

Not sure what's the response you looking for? If it is just size, think 2x1 foot cage is still too big, the fish will still grow if conditions are right. Not sure what's the measurable? unsure.gif
Testing,testing See whether I can load a video of the above fish

And finally this fish was lowered into the pool surrounded by hungry giants

Think you trying to prove Alvin's theory. Won't a much smaller cage (e.g. half foot) is better as to see whether the fish can outgrow the cage. yes.gif
Why would you want to keep it in the pond?I see no advantages.
Kois are more tolerant to high nitrate levels, and your level of 40 to 80ppm (only) in your koi pond surprises me.
And, the oranda will have no access to the pond algaes.
Certainly not a good way to raise goldfish....................
have done this experiment during the beginning of my goldfish hobby 2 years ago.. growth of the fish was faster than usual (comparing to other beginners using normal 3ft/4ft glass filtered tank at that time), algae will grow on the basket. koi pond was 4ton. location of where the basket is plays a part in growth rate ;)

advantage would be, u can feed as much as a goldfish can eat, yet not fouling the water due to the koi pond's huge filter.
This is a collapsible tool basket,so it very mobile and easily assembled.Infact I am trying to link them in series to keep more if the need arises.What I want to see is better growth rate with minimal hassle to maintain the water condition.Not too sure of fluctuating influences of level of nitrates but growth inhibitors are fairly species specific,so koi pheromones are unlikely to retard any potential growth of goldfishes.I'm doing this to test out how the fish grow in the confinement of the limited space within a bigger water catchment and to see whether such a volume of restriction is going to affect its growth rate in the vicinity of well managed water condition.
It gives me further option to keep more in very much less space compared to the usual conventional setup .Certainly the fear factor(of living in surrounded giants)has been ruled out as fish appears very active throughout ,very inqusitive and ever begging for food.The fright and flight and the amount of cortisol secreted cannot and may not exert its growth inhibiting influence judging from its physical display of ease and adaptability.So if anyone has a pond(like CyberET),this is another option of having tank within a pond to further enhance your fish keeping hobby
Sounds good...I would like to try and show progress of them too..
Since I'm in the mood for oranda,let me harvest this one from the shark cage to let all have a glimpse of how he has developed.It is almost 3 months and it has certainly bulked and lengthen but i feel the belly is a bit brassy hmm.gif .Headgrowth is more pronounced as well.Any comments on him after wat he has gone thro(in the company of giants)

Here are some pics.

A nice side profile of him here

IPB Image

This is how big it is now

IPB Image

And a short video of its swimming in the glass tank

Incidentally the above black is sharing the cage with this Thai (red/white)oranda which has also bulked and fatten with eggs(i think) sweatingbullets.gif

IPB Image


Very interesting and fast growth... just wondering, wouldn't your much bigger koi try to swallow those lil oranda into their mouth, or u kept them in the cage the whole time? Just curious.
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