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I started keeping fish about a month and a half ago. Didn't know much about Gold Fish at that time but ended up buying a 5gallon tank+filter+airstone+gravel+2 Orandas and a Blackmoor.
Somehow got to know through friends and the internet that the 5gallon isn't sufficient for 3 goldfish and currently they are in a 30gallon tank.

I like to know why Goldfish need so much space as I read somewhere they need at least 15gallons of water per fish to survive. I really want to keep my fish in good condition as they are wonderful pets. I am currently collecting money to buy water test kits and would appreciate if you could direct me to some past discussions or links that would be helpful...
Dear kukoo

A must read thread in this forum should be the one compiled by our old fren cp.Go through all the salient points discussed and try to digest the basics before you embark your journey towards higher learning in goldfish keeping

Here's the thread;#entry44431
Thank you very much goldrush...I will definitely read the thread you have given before I start posting anything...
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