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Full Version: Ga 130 - Ranchu
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GA Secretary

Kindly comment on this Thai side view.This fish is about 5 inch.What are its merits and deficits.Appreciate all positive as well as negative views.Thxs

IPB Image

IPB Image
Wow, if someone were to ask you what is a nice ranchu and you said that it should be shaped like an egg; this is a very good example of an egg shaped ranchu.

It has a very good tail.Tail is kinked when viewed from the side and it has the 'wrap around' effect as well.This type of tail is very similiar to the 2nd placed fish in the recent Mygoldfish Comp.

But it seemed to be lacking of a peduncle.Tail looked fused to the body in the absence of a peduncle; therefore I suspect that it may not appear graceful while swimming - probably too much body movement.

And, lastly, please do not post your fish in GA on the same day that you post this fish in another thread................cos' I now know who you are, Mr Secretary. hysterical.gif
GA Secretary
Kekekeke and not many of us post in this wee hours of the morning as well except................. thinking.gif

Any way it is alright to make known who I am.Just feeling bored and try out academy for the first time in two years of my existence.Will try to make a video of this particular SHORT fish (when she is out of quarantine) which I doubt will grow but I lsimply love its EGG shape yes.gif
I believe you have mistaken Frankie's real identity. The time stamp on all posts in GA reflects the time they were approved, not the time the post was made.
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