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Full Version: Nutrafin Cycle And Fritz Zyme #7
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Was wondering if i can switch from NutrafinCycle to Fritz Zyme#7?
Has been using NC since i started keeping ranchus but was recommend FZ#7 by a LFS.
Can I just add the FZ#7 into my tank after 20% WC or I have to do 100% WC?
I have been adding NC to my tanks weekly for the pass 3 weeks.(Base on bottle recommendation)
Pls advice.
This is your preference of brands.

You should add according to product recommendation, based on the amount of new water you are adding to your tank. Basically we recommend 100% change.

Both products that you were talking about are for cylcing of tank purposes. Once your tank is cycled, they will be redundant until you next wash/scrub your tank/filter which will eliminate the BB colony in your aquarium.

Read about cycling of tank here:
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and our beginner's guide here:
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