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Full Version: High Protein Diet
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I have been feeding Chicken liver and Beef heart to my Cichlids with phenominal growth rate,I have read that such high protein food is not advisable to be fed to Goldfishes,but Goldfishes are regularly fed high protein food like live worms.what is the diffrence between the two diffrent types of food since both are high in protein content.
with warm regards
Shishir Kamat
Beef heart etc are also contains much higher animal proteins and fats which are not suitable for goldfish.
goldfish do not need high protein diets and furthermore it fouls the water more readily.
In the evaluation of any food, special consideration should be given to the source of the protein
Muscle protein from land animals(chicken/beef) is not as good for fish as aquatic proteins .
So, the best proteins for fish happen to be shrimp, fish or other maritime (aquacultural) proteins.
Look for fish meal, or shrimp krill meal as the first or second ingredient of a well formulated food. The ability of the fish to digest and assimilate the proteins is unquestionable but whether the cells can pick up those proteins and assimilate them, that is another story.

20 years ago I had fed some of my goldfish with chicken liver(boiled)with detrimental consequences. The nitrogenous wastes produced must be phenomenal that it caused sudden death,flip over or some form of intestinal blockage.Most never survived even after the liver diet was stopped.So be careful. Even if they are not killed internally, the fouling up of your water parameters will have similar outcome externally. hmm.gif
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