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Full Version: Shall I Use Eheim 2217 Series Or Eheim Ecco 2234?
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Hi members,

I have just gotten a new 25 gallon tank. 2.5 feet. I am using two external hang on filters now. Each output is 600L/h. So its equal to 1200L/h.

I thought of getting one EHEIM ecco filter for my 25g as I want to have bio-filtration now. The two hang on filters only have chemical and mechanical filtration now.

The tank only have 2 ranchus and I change water every 2-3 days around 10-20%.

Just wondering which filter shall I choose? 2217 or 2234?
2234 is more expensive than 2217. This is my first big invesment in a filter, so any comments or sharing would really be appreciated.

It is overkilling to have 3 filters running for a 100littres tank (although I must admit I am guilty of overkilling too tongue.gif )

You are doing fine with the present 2. But you must make that that they are working - You shouldn't have ammonia reading in your tank if your filters are in working conditions.
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