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hi i was reading this on the net about goldfish and i was just curious if this is true or not and wise to do as i do not want to kill my fish so i figured i would ask some expert fancy gold fish ppl if this is true or not
Goldfish do well with a bit of salt in their water, 1 teaspoon per gallon is good to prevent illnesses. If they do get sick, often adding more salt can help them recover, up to 1 tablespoon per gallon. any feedback would be appreciated
Hi, you can find it in "Ailment & Treatment" section or use the search facility in this forum.

Look at it this way... if you have quarantined all your incoming new fishes well, you would have reduced the chances of disease outbreak to the minimum. This is the most basic things that we like to tell all newbies into this hobby: "Quarantine or you'll be real sorry"

A sidenote about salt (and basically any other medications):
You do not need to add salt in your main aquarium. If you have a habit of adding salt into your aquarium after every water change (for disease prevention or some other rationales), chances are that your fish will slowly grow immuned to salt. Meaning, when the time comes when you really want to apply salt treatment to combat some diseases, the fish will not respond to salt well. 0.5% salinity which can treat most diseases will no longer work effectively for these fishes kept in salt-water environment.
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