Hi! I have 5 pretty big goldfish around 5 inches long. 4 comets one fantail. They were in a long thin panaramic 50 gallon tank, and today I bought them a 70 gallon tank in the shape of an octagon.

I used the same gravel from the old tank and 20% of the old tanks water. I used filtered tap water and conditioned and dechlorinated the rest of the tank. I also used the same bio balls from the old filter in the new filter and I also added some biological liquid to the tank. It has been filtering for 4 hours so far and the ph is exactly on 7 and has stayed there for 3 hours so far.

How long do you think I should wait before putting the fish in there?

And how many fish should I add at a time? With how long between adding more fish??

I hope you can help!

Thanks a mill!