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Full Version: Jade Head/face Ryukin
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These two sibilings have unique patterned face/head which I was very much attracted to.Though they are not out of quarantine,they appear very healthy,exhibit inquisitiveness and exude much vibrance.

I got them videoed for your appreciation as still photographs are not very appropriate at this instance

Dear Doc,
You seem to get beautiful fishes,how do you manage to get them?Best of luck with your new Jade Ryukins
With warm regards
Shishir Kamat
nice fish good_very.gif
hi.gif Thanks for your kind words.

Patience is the key word.
Nice fish maybe hard to come by
but with patience and an element of luck,sometimes your hunting can be fruitful
Even though you can say we are spoiled for choice over here,keen eyes and patience are very much part of the hunt
Many a times I go back empty handed just like most
But that doesn't deter me from continuing my weekly hunt......... peace.gif
QUOTE(goldrush @ Mon, 11 Sep 2006 8:20 am) *

Patience is the key word.

Patience is not enough if u live in Australia smile.gif) must have deep pockets too tongue.gif
Fwah................not bad.

But I find the white patch on head a little odd, though.Looks like chunk of head bitten off.Do you know whether these are Thai or Chinese origin?

Hmmm.......orandas and ryukins liao.........time for my appointment liao..........but not free these days lah.Will let you know.
These are chinese fish about 4 inch from tip to tip

Wah from your Intelligence source: Goldrush amassing WMD...........RG Security Council on the alert!!!! guns.gif

Hey sometimes I get the feeling of being the only idiot showing.....I'm running out of fish!!!!Help
I have no fish to show leh...

It goes to show that you are one of the very few zealous members around biggrin.gif
zealous ≠ idiot

BTW , if Aquarama reverts back to pair system, this pair will have high chance!!! good_very.gif
These two fish look very impressive! Their movements seem so powerful good_very.gif
How big are they?
The Matrix
QUOTE(desireless @ Mon, 11 Sep 2006 10:33 pm) *

BTW , if Aquarama reverts back to pair system, this pair will have high chance!!! good_very.gif

Wait Long Long .... peace.gif

erh ... not really matching pair leh. both head not the same, that deduct more points than gaining.
I EVNY YOU................honestly a perfect piece.

worth showing them off we get comfart watching them too in our own right.
QUOTE(The Matrix @ Tue, 12 Sep 2006 11:58 am) *

Wait Long Long .... peace.gif
erh ... not really matching pair leh. both head not the same, that deduct more points than gaining.

Head not the same meh? I'm impressed that you can see such details which others can't! clap.gif

Doc, clearer pictures please.
Oui where can you find exact patterned fish.That's ridiculous...... only single colored fish may assume similar physical conformation.I'm pretty sure this come from the same spawn but that doesn't mean they will exhibit similar pattern(just like koi).

Here is a closer captured video of the fish.I was not able to capture in still still. Notice I have changed tank(that's my way of quarantine...daily change of tank to disrupt life cycle and I believe in fresh dose of medicine)

Finally a static update of the 2 ryukins.
Unfortunately they only manage to put up an extra inch.....5 inch now
and the color is abit faded as they are housed indoor since they arrived.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Nice pcs! good_very.gif

I like the first one. Very solid hump yes.gif
Hi there,

Just curious. Why is this ryukin called "jade head/face". I dont see anything related to jade in the goldfish.
I term it Jade (precious stone)with a fanciful twist in mind rather then giving it a degrading terms like bleached,bitten off or white washed!

Now take a closer look and compare the video with the fotos and you can see how one of the fish has actually lost more of its white over its head......So its face is no longer JADE but JADED(worn out) :sad
"Jade head" refers to any goldfish with a white patch on its head, particularly only white on top of the head and red everywhere else. The term "Jade Face" ("玉面") comes from the chinese naming of goldfish with whole head white in colour and everywhere else red or red/white, making the white patch very distinctive.

Another example - a Jade Head Crown Pearl:
IPB Image

Notice that the white crown is very distinctive.
Look at the pic attached here

In China it is also given the name "big window"

The body of the fish is entirely red except for the head which has a white window which resembles the Chinese Jade seal,thus the name jade is used biggrin.gif

IPB Image
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