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Hi! i've been reading alot on rg and learnt alot and now i'm confident enough to start yielding some ranchus but i have a few questions on tankmates:

would a pleco be a good tank mate for ranchus/various goldfish?
has anyone kept a pleco in their tank before and if so anything i should look out for?

and would there be any other tankmates other than other goldfish i can keep with my goldfish?

If anyone could help a beginner out that would be much appreciated. smile.gif) thanks
Hello Lanho

Why do you need a pleco to compete with your goldies for algae? thinking.gif
huh...never thought bout that blush.gif

Well i was planning on keepin them in CW and having owned plecos before they do a pretty good job of cleaning up the stray food that sometimes the fish miss and/or dont eat. But that was only for convenient purposes. If that's the case i guess i'll be doin the cleaning up smile.gif Thanks for enlightening me on that.

I have another question:

I live in canada and well it gets pretty cold in the house when its winter time. I live in the basement so its actually alot cooler than the rest of the house. I know that goldfish can live in cold water but how cold can they live in? While cycling the tank i'm planning on using for teh goldfish i left the heater out and the temp sits at around 18-20°C. Would that be too cold?
The Matrix
China 4 seasons range from -4 to 39 degC ...
Ranchu Lover
QUOTE(The Matrix @ Sat, 16 Sep 2006 10:01 pm) *

China 4 seasons range from -4 to 39 degC ...

Depends on which part of China!
Wow, thanks everyone who posted smile.gif
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