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Full Version: Algae Wafers
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Has anyone tried feeding their goldfish these? they tend to sink pretty well although they are a little big but that can be solved just by breakin it up a little. Now how would these differ from the algae that hobbyists "farm"(lack of better word) themselves?

I apologize if this sounds a little "noob" but being a person that cant really make green water or not planning on making green water i'd really like to know, since so many goldfish owners say so many good things about algae being beneficial to their goldfish i dont want to exclude something that could potentially be good for my fish.

thanks in advance smile.gif
Algae wafers are usually meant for plecos.I've tried them before and I think that it is good for goldfish, but I find them too expensive.
white horse T1
, i used it before, didn't break down them to pieces. fishes like them alot , they will chew them for a good 30 mins

like what CP says, too exp
nice, thanks guys
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