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Full Version: Nitrate Level
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could someone advise correctly, what should be the nitrate level for goldfish ?
Below 50, but its zero if you use green water!
If it is ZERO in green water(can other green water practitioners confirm this)then this could explain why fishes kept in green will exhibit better growth(nitrate is a growth inhibitor)better head growth,more resistant to common disease and less susceptible to flipover(swim bladder disease)

Now to recall,nitrates are the end products of normal nitrification process through nitrifying bacteria which we familiar with.But under green water condition,this normal nitrification process are intentionally hindered and ammonia are consumed directly by the algae instead as such no nitrates are produced.That's why it is low or even zero?????

And I wrote recently that nitrates are really silent killers of goldfish as they give both long term and short term detrimental effects(especially growth and health)

Could this be the missing link in explaining the benefits of green as oppose to clear thinking.gif thinking.gif thinking.gif
Ranchu Lover
Has anyone done a test of Nitrate level in the middle of the night and early morning. Has anyone also done a test of the oxygen level during that period? Thank you in advance.
The Matrix
Zero can be possible becos most of our equipment are not good enough to detect the most minute trace of the byproducts. As long as there is water, there will have these byproducts. As long as we feed the fish, we introduce these as well.

However we are simply limiting the amount of ammonia left in the non-photo period, thus limiting possible nitrification byproducts. Every ppm of ammonia produce 3ppm of nitrites then to 4ppm of nitrates.

if one could get 100ppm of nitrates, you actually have a tank of 25ppm ammonia-producing fish. Imagine what happen if suddenly the filter is not working, any form of filtration, you have a tank of dead fish.

Be it green water or cw, just change water.
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