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Full Version: Will My Green Water Setup Works?
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Hi all,

Recently took an interest in goldfish keeping, thou i have kept and bred normal goldfishes in my teens. Now starting off with a pair of black ranchu in an ex betta barrack tank and trying to brew some green water. Any idea if I would be successful good.gif with a setup like this :

- 36 watts of extra bright fluroscent tubes
- 6" deep tank with IOH filter, cycled for 2 weeks before introducing the ranchus

Comments/tips are much appreciated smile.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
Hi there, welcome to RG! hi.gif

Unfortunately your present setup to cultivate green water won't work. The number one enemy of uni-celluar algae is BB. You cannot have bio-filtration in your tank as the BB will compete with the algae for ammonia. Most of the time, BB will win. Without sufficient ammonia, the correct kind of algae will not appear. Remove your bio-filtration and scrub clean the tank and accessories making sure there's no BB and re-start again. A green water tub is simply a bare tub with water and an air-stone; no man-made filter of any kind.

I'm not sure how bright your florescence lamp is. The key is it must be 6500 Kelvin, ie, natural day light. Any less the lamp will look yellowish, and any brighter blueish. Next it must have the intensity to penetrate deep into the tank. My 55 watts 7000 Kelvin PL lamp (which should be significantly more intense in its output then your FL) is barely enough to penetrate on day 5. I suggest you upgrade your lamp if you want green water.

I understand black ranchus are best kept in water with a neutral or lower pH. In this light, maybe you should start your goldfish keeping hobby with clear water and leaves green water after you gather enough experience dealing with goldfish. After all you can't get green water with the present setup, a setup that looks good and should be an effective bio-filtered tank suitable for black ranchu. wink.gif
Hi Buddha,

Thanks for the reply. I did read about the BB being green water unfriendly but unfortunately I only have space for this glass tank for the moment so was hoping to get lucky tongue.gif with it. My lamps are at 6500k at least; slighly brighter than Philips TLD865.

Just wondering if green water is absolutely necessary to keep goldfishes in good coloration. Can green water be substituted with alage based feeds like spirulina tabs?

maybe you can also use NAN lights... good.gif
QUOTE(bugeyed @ Sat 14 Feb 2004 09:03 AM)
Just wondering if green water is absolutely necessary to keep goldfishes in good coloration. Can green water be substituted with alage based feeds like spirulina tabs?

To say Green Water is god's gift to goldfish is not an understatement. It takes care of filtration, nutritions, and the general well-being of our pet. Practically the only thing you have to watch out for is the lower DO at night and a religious habit of weekly water change. Green water takes care of the rest.

Many of us tried different kinds of pellets, formulated for different purposes including enhancing the colour. Unfortunately no one can say for sure if the products really work as claimed. Frankly, if you ask me, they are all bells and whistles to lure consumers to spend money. smile.gif Myself I tried a few brands but if you ask me to vouch for their effecitiveness I won't since no scientific test took place; I do visually seem to find JBL's Goldperls enhances the red colour. tongue.gif

IMHO, Hikari Lionhead pellets is still the best all-round pellets.

Since you're starting out in goldfish, you wanna zoom in on your black ranchus and post their pics here for bros' frank comments on their quality? You can pick up ranchu appreciation much quicker this way.
QUOTE(void @ Sun 15 Feb 2004 09:55 AM)
maybe you can also use NAN lights...  good.gif

Heat, baby, heat. wink.gif

Pics can be found here smile.gif

Ranch Pics
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