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Full Version: Any Suggestions On A Ranchu Book For A Beginner...
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Any suggestions on a Ranchu book for a beginner...I want to start to get into this hobby and would like more info to read.

Tony aka Koi Unit
Dear Tony..

Try this book:

This book has very complete information and guidance to all fancy-goldfish hobbyists. I owned this book and found it really helpful in many things.

Chandra peace.gif
I agree. I have it and it's a good one.

This book is published by the HK government by their goldfish expert. You can get it on amazon. It doesn't cover specifically on ranchus, but encompasses all types of Asian goldfish and Koi, and includes a very good explanation on goldfish rearing, diseases & treatment, water quality, food etc. It's often used as a reference material by the goldfish dealers in HK.

Hong Kong goldfish (An Urban Council publication) by Shek-hay Man (Unknown Binding - 1982)

If you read Chinese, I can refer to you several Taiwan issued books on Ranchus.

Best regards.
The Matrix
Mr Man's book now a collector item. Mr Man also wrote another article somewhere ... can't recall which magazine or book.

Taiwan book ah ... can intro them ?
Dear Matrix,

The book is published by Azoo - World Magazine Aquarium. The book contains excellent pictures of ranchus, ryukin, pompons, oranda, pearlscale, tosakin, moor, lionhead and bubble eye. It includes sections on recognizing the goldfish, family tree, breeding and management of goldfish, beauty appreciation of ranchus, parasites, reproduction of goldfish, goldfish and geomantic omen (fung shei), goldfish market in Taiwan/China and Thailand, special reports on japanese goldfish, special report on goldfish breeding farm in China and embryonic development of goldfish! Plus a list of stores in Taiwan.

The website is Under Aquarium Encyclopedia. But they only list "Goldfish I" OFA039.

My book is "Goldfish II" ref. no. OFA 070. Pls try to contact Azoo either by email or 886 2 2761 5680

I also have the book on Taiwan Ornamental Fish Atlas OFA 068.

Worse come to worse, I can fax you guys the order form so that you can all figure out how to make one order at a go. Hope this helps.

PS - the book is in Chinese.

Best regards.
Ahhh yes... Azoo's Goldfish II !! It is availalble in Singapore too. In it, some pictures were taken off from last year's Aquarama.

A coupl of fishes belong to some of our members who took part in it. happydance1.gif

This is the cover.
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