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Full Version: Goofy's New Setup
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My new setup supported by 2 atman cannisters and a jebo 9w uvc. Hopefully no green water appears.

IPB Image

IPB Image
Nice setup. Seems a little over-stocked though. How many litres of water?

The UVC plus the plants will be an effective green water inhibiting setup.
its 500 litres, 6ft by 3ft by 1ft....been up for abt a week far ryukins seems ok.
It takes several weeks to kick in,so monitor parameters closely and do not overfeed ,neither add new stock.This is vulnerable period of adjustments for fishes ,BB,water etc.So be may need to change water periodically more often during this time to eliminate any ammonia,nitrites which your initial nest may not be enough to process.Try seeding with BB through propriety products or obtain from established setup.Good luck good_very.gif

The Matrix
I always puzzle over this type of setup ...

How to appreciate the fish when the water surface ripple so much ?

Anyway, pretty cool setup.
well, you can actually still see the fishes...though the camera caught the ripples of the water. The tub contains 500 litres of water and i'm using a 9w uvc, but brown algae appears on the bottom and sides of the tub. is the uvc insufficient? can anyone please advise?
uvc process the water.. not the whole enviroment wor..
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