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Full Version: Ga 137 - Ryukin
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GA Secretary
Dear All,

Just bought this ryukin. Would you please comment on its weaknesses and strengths so I could learn from this Ryukin.

IPB Image
IPB Image

Thanks... peace.gif
(From what I can see) This is a fantastic Sakura! shiok.gif
Except maybe the tail angle from the body is not very good but overall 9.5/10 good_very.gif
Ok, let this amateur try his judging skills smile.gif)

The overall blance is lopsided I think, as the belly is a bit on the small side giving the fish a "top-heavy" feeling.

Colour is not really attractive, almost one colour throughout and it's more orangey rather than pinkish/reddish. Also cannot see any metallic scales, all matte.

Overall an ok fish that I wouldn't mind having in my collection yes.gif
GA Secretary
Thanks for all the comments...
It opens my eyes a bit about Ryukin...
Anyway, I have one question:
How to judge whether this ryukin still has the potential to growth or not?
I just worried that this fish is already reached its maximum potential to growth.
Would any Ryukiners or Ryukin masters please tell me some hints on these matters?

Many Thanks...
This is one of the better ryukins I've seen! Has the extreme roundness and is maintaining pretty good balance too. I'd buy him in a heartbeat.
GA Secretary
Dear Friends,

These are the update fotos of the Ryukin after 2 weeks in my hand.
The better clearer picture to give you more sharp judgement.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Thanks peace.gif
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