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Full Version: Adding Clay To Condition Goldfish In Tank Setup.
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Was wondering if anyone on the board add clay or Izeki Magic Powder to there tank water? or is there any benefits to the fish by adding this stuff?
Can you please explain how does clay affect water condition?

As for Izeki powder, I have not used it. Maybe someone with expertise in Koi can add some input to this.

Izeki Magic Powder
Description: Helps stabilize pH fluctuations, increases the oxygen take up in the water, and adds a sparkle to your water.
Hmmmmmm thinking.gif let me think of a simile

ok maybe :Mud pond to koi is like green water to goldfish.

The adding of clay which is actually calcium bentonite or montmorillonite clay is supposed to bring the benefits reaped in mud pond to our enclosed filtered pond system.Infact the clay are supposed to have all natural ingredients to benefit all inhabitants in your system.Sounds too good to be true.You see the powder will remove toxins,free radicals,pesticides and heavy metals etc etc .It act like a sponge that sucks up all the above and flocculate and settle the sediments before being eradicated by your filters and flushing.
Koi will show more vibrancy,color enhancement and superb luster by periodic adding such magic powder.Next question ……..will it benefit our goldfish
To that question,I personally have my reservation.First goldfish don’t come from the hills of Niigata prefecture where its close cousin, nishikoi live.These are found and raised in rich mud ponds for most part of their lives and harvested and finish them in clear water before any major competition.The clay may aid in your filtration system in relieving of its task but whether it benefits directly in bringing up the best out of our goldfish remain to be seen.There are two articles written by Chris Neave and Wayne Smith which may be of interest to some here and goldfish was interesting included in the write-out

and here

I’m using this weekly on my goldfish and koi pond for remineralisation

IPB Image

expensive ah.. and makes my filter slimy yuk.gif
How much is one tub?
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