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Full Version: A Goldfish Psychology!
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I would like to call upon the more experienced bros to share, on this one!

oranda.gif fish2.gif

I want to know what should we expect when we bring home a new goldfish. I'm refering to its behavioural pattern when we put them in the tank.

We all know & we our constantly reminding that we should choose healthy looking / active fishes, when we go down to the local pet store. But on many occasions i have noticed...once you buy that helathy/active fish and you put them in their new tank at home (Q-Tank)....they seem to do a total turn around. They suddenly go quiet and sit tight in a corner. Common sense tells either they are scared or not healthy.....and if its scared...sometimes the fish could take couple of days to get use to the new surroundings and far to often thats enough to have a panic attack.

So i would like to the experienced bros face this delimma? Whats the psychology behind this, how do goldfish handle new envirnoments? fish2.gif

sudden change in enviroment, resulting in stress, which results in weaken immune system, thus.. the reason why we should qt new fishes wink.gif
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