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Full Version: Queen Cleopatra
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Dear my fellow Hobbyist,

For the second thread, let me post my Oranda...
Her name is Cleopatra, stands for the name of a legend queen from Egypt.
That's because her two-toned red-white crown... bigwink.gif

Here she is.....

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Thanks peace.gif
Nice one!

Seems to have a strong body....
How long have u been keeping Her Majesty The Queen?
Certainly not since 30 BC!

njoy ur fish.

Dear Kinder,

Thank you for your nice comment.

I've been kept her for one week.
I adopted her from one of young talented breeder in Indonesia. The breeder is good at producing sideview fishes. He just released Ryukin Broadtail with High Fin strain.

The true facts is that she is just only 3 months old and is about 4.2 inch.
The breeder says that we can still hope for at least 7-8 inch length in a year time if I keep it in right condition. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

She is now being fed 3-4 times bloodworm and 2-3 times of pellets (Hikari Lionhead).

Thanks peace.gif
Nice fish,The fish looks about 8 to 10 months old,never heard of such growth rates of 4.2 inch in 3 months.Is it possible to have such fantastic growth rate?What is the secret of such fantastic growth rate.
With warm regards
Shishir Kamat
Hi Shishir Kamat...
Thanks for the nice comments..

The fish has been kept in a mud pond (we call it "empang" in Indonesia).
The pond is rich with many live foods and green water. In this condition, fish will grow rapidly.
Also has to look on it's genetics. As long as I know, the parents have the length of > 10 inches.

Regarding the secret-recipe food, I've also heard that the breeder used it to grow the fishes. But he doesn't tell me in-depth facts about it. hmm.gif

Thanks peace.gif
Looks very young and powerful....A very nice piece indeed.With proper care and space it should grow to be a real beauty.Glad you don't have to bathe it MILK(Cleopatra) but MUD toachieve such growth bigwink.gif
Dear goldrush

Thanks for your nice comments. smile.gif)

What if I bathe her with Green Milk (aka green-water)? rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

Here are another pics of her:

IPB Image

IPB Image

Thanks peace.gif
Noticed your fishes (the oranda and ranchu in your avatar) shortfall in coloration. Do you think is genetic or environmental upbringing?
Dear gohks,

That's none of them.
It's just because the photograpy effect since I'm not good at taking pictures with digicam.
I was taking the picture not in shiny lighting condition but in cloudy afternoon (around 5pm Indonesia time).
Please also take a look that I used "old-dirty" glass tank. blush.gif blush.gif blush.gif

I've attached another picture of Zhang Zhiyi (my avatar ranchu) in better picture.
Enjoy... sweatingbullets.gif

IPB Image

Anyway, thanks for asking.... peace.gif
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