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Full Version: Temperature Relationship With Disease
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A question borthering me at this time is, water temp (WT). Is it true that goldfish living in cooler WT between 20C n below are least likely to come down with an illness (e.g. parasite etc..) when compared to say in the high 20's C. Since most of us live in Temperate/humid climates where water temps easily range btw 25 -30C ?

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By and large if you look at the life cycles of most aquatic parasites,there is an association between optimal temperature and their explosive population.In lower temperature,most assume a dormant stage but not necessary an eliminated state,only ready to populate when conditions provide its continual surviviability.That is why we advocate a higher temp treatment to shorten its incubation and life cycle so as to get our medication to work on its free swimming form and not the dormant encystic stage(eg ich).So in colder temperature,one may be fooled in believing the absence of any infestation,only to realise an inexplicable invasion when your parameters are compromised and when temperature rises....
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