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Full Version: Would This Be Considered A Top-view Ranchu?
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The dealer I bought it from said was a "Japanese Ranchu". It looks to my untrained eye blink.gif like it may be a top-view ranchu. Its head doesn't seem as square as some of the ones I've seen here though. thinking.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
The Matrix
very poor quality fish. can tell tv or sv ... but suspect a sv fish only.
OK. I guess we'll call it a nv (no-view) ranchu. smile.gif)

It's ok though, I really like this fish. It is very robust, energetic and full of appetite. I bought him a while ago before ever hearing about top-view ranchu. To me it was different and I liked it as I had only seen the Chinese style ranchus before. I guess I'll just dismiss him from 'the travelling team'. (He'd probably prefer it that way anyhow.)

The way you appreciate your fish is very encouraging. good_very.gif
I like your style! happydance.gif
Thanks for the encouragement. good_very.gif

I am still learning and trying to figure out where I want to go with this endeavor. I love the fish most of all and find beauty in almost every one I see. thinking.gif And, healthy, happy fish are beatiful after all. smile.gif)

This one is definitely one of my favorites. I'm sure if you were able to see him in my pond you would think so too. yes.gif
why don't you post the pic of your pond here? I believe everybody will like it biggrin.gif

PS. I saw it in another site already though
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