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Full Version: Ranchu Lionhead Subside
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Hi bros,

I own about 5 ranchus at home. I bought the first of the five almost 2 months ago. I have come to realise that the meaty head has subsided. By a lot. So the big big pong4 pong3 head no more... See also kek sim. Same thing happening to my other ranchus now.

How come like that? I feed quite a lot one. With the Hikari sinking pellets. (Sometimes I really scared overfeed them tongue.gif ). Feed them blood worm and gao wun they also dowan to eat.

So now they bwee bwee but their head reduced in size cry.gif . Is there any food I should get for them? I read some thread on Fuji Ranchu Club "Chanko Series" food which has 60% crude protein in it. Anyone using it? Where can get in Singapore?

not much to do with your food....
probably water conditions....

and does the head shrink gradually or overnight??
if a sudden shrinkage of head, you have to be careful....
Not the head shrink... but rather the lionhead no more pong4 pong3. It happens gradually. I forgot to take photo of the ranchu originally.. sigh.. else can show you all the difference.
maybe your water is causing the problem.. do more frequent water changes.. either your ammonia or nitrate smile.gif
sometimes other goldfish eats up the pong pong as well tongue.gif
Oh thanks. I will get the nitrate tester. Actually I mean (the head) pong4 pong3 = very bloated/meaty blush.gif
So now my fishes' heads are no more bloated liao.
orrh.. i thought u meant those two cute balls at the front of the head
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