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Full Version: After Water Change
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why everytime i change water 100%, and add salt a bit, then the water of tank would be cloudy within the next 24hr and there are alot of very small white worm stick all around the glass ???
what is the best brand water conditioner for goldfish???
The worm is called planaria and this topic has been discussed many times already. Please use our search function. It is not difficult finding your answer by searching for "white worm";hl=planaria

It is a good sign that your filter is matured.

You do not need salt for every water change.

No specific preferred brand of water conditioner. When you have a matured tank, there's no need for water conditioner. You will notice that the directions always stated that the product is used for new tank.
i am sorry, i didnt know worm was called planaria..........

if this worm is harmfull, then why some of fish has slimmy coat the next 48hr and reddish on it fin ???

i heard that for goldfish, it is better if the water is unfiltered that mean frequent water change. how many times a week ???
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